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Nothing particularly interesting except for some various Cabal pics that were taken when I still played that game.

Pay special attention to my ranking. =o Believe it or not, I actually decided to check my ranking for the first time in months (this was like a year ago) and I found myself paralyzed by awesomeness.

A little background story on this pic: If you type in a specific code into chat, your text will turn into the color of the code input. I found the code that turns your text into a deep purple, like the one that's used for Whispers, and I started talking on Shout chat (basically like channel mics but without limitations). Always fools people. xD

In this one, I lured all of the mobs in a low level area right outside the town so that they would kill any nub that was stupid enough to run in there. Many children lost their lives that day. I wish I got a pic of someone actually dying though ;_;

Hiro should remember this xD

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