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Endgame has a spectacular aura aboutEndgame has a spectacular aura about

Bad news, I DID manage to get the client, however, I cannot get the game to work. A window pops up, just like with the korean version (I made a "guest account", those are legal), it either freezes there, or twice, I've gotten the text to change with a button under it, but upon clicking it, the program closes, and then the program changes icon, and then tells me it's an invalid Win32 application when I try to run it.

I am however, currently uploading it onto Megaupload anyway. In case someone else wants to try to figure it out, and so I can try it out on the other computers in case it might be a Vista problem. (The CDs I have are too small to burn it on to.)

Edit: Apparently, this is a known problem. From the website:


Light of brave dear Aier: If opens time the Elsword program dodges crazily unceasingly reopens crazily. May try the following methods solution. 1. like Window the Vista/Window7 user, please use the system manager status to open the Elsword program 2. like to use first step still not to be able to solve unusually, please close the firewall or establishes the firewall to allow the Elsword safe connection to try again. Aier light of brave Lei Liuzi

I'm going to try running as administrator (although I AM the administrator) and/or disabling Windows Firewall as soon as it's done uploading and see if it works.

Edit: Yes! I got it to start patching! However, I still had to wait a while, where it seemed like it was frozen before the patcher started up.

Another edit: Everything's working fine now.

Some things of note:

-Despite the slow download speeds, the game does NOT lag badly. Slight lag in picking up items, but that's it. Haven't tried playing with any locals yet though.
-There's only two character slots. (It's probably for the best. Now I won't be tempted to make an Elsword named "Elebro". Yes, I'm a horrible person.)
-Despite only having the first three characters and no job advancements, the HK version already has recent features such as the towns, four skill keys, and the new SP distribution system.

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