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This is more of a "just sayin'" kind of thing since I can't think of anything to bring up for discussion.

For the record, I woke up at like.. 3 am or something because of some stupid twist in a dream I had. I'm going back to sleep for a while since I've been checking in periodically all day and like no one's online / doing anything in game anyway. I did go out to do errands, so I'm kind of tired.

Okay, now to describe the dream that woke me up. ;;

Not sure what was going on, but I was at some person's house in some small town. It was literally so small people didn't drive.. they just walked from place to place... anyway, it had a ranch-like feel to it and like for some reason I was staying there and like there was this room filled with hard-foam DDR Dance Mats. (like 20 just piled on this corner of a room.) Anyway, time passed and like.. I was staying in this other room with like three other people and they were giving some old tv shows on tv at night (even though it was stuff that was like 90s stuff that played in the daytime) Okay, so details aside, we were flipping channels and this news warning alert thing comes on saying that there's a meteor coming to earth and then I woke up with a "wtf" feeling.

Then.. I kinda just looked all around the internet for stuff and that kept me awake till now.

So, bbl.

Edit: So I went around town today and like.. drove to the north side of the city. (I swear that my city is like 285938468938469 little cities mashed up.) A few months ago, the north side was like filling up with new/ unnecessary stores and stuff.

Example: I think it's weird to have two national chain stores within a few miles from each other. We've only had one Best Buy in town for.. well forever. All of a sudden I pass by and like.. there's another one and it's already open. o_o (Not sure when that happened.) Kinda like how we had 2 Wal Marts like.. a few miles from each other, then they closed one down.. then opened a bigger one on the other side of town.. then made another big one practically going out of town.

If a town/city is big enough, then I guess it's fine.... but if you can walk in on any given time of night/early morning and it's not packed.. then I think it's as good as is.

idk.. just rambling. It's a sign of me being sleepy. *poof*

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