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Default Free BFH players now majorly screwed over! yay!

BFH has just updated the game with a number of changes affecting BF and VP prices of items. I'll try to sum it up for you.

All VP items are now much more expensive.
All VP items are available for hire for 1 or 3 days (previously 7 or 30 days).
All Widgets have been removed except for the highest level ones.
All Weapons now have a cheaper permanent BF price (sort of good).
Some BF clothes are now cheaper.
All VP clothes items have a BF permanent price too.
New weapons introduced which give a slight advantage over old weapons (+20% ammo +small% crit).
New weapons available for VP, but currently set at 450 for 1 day, 1350 for 3 days.

Well done DICE, you've ruined the game.

I'm lucky enough to have a surplus VP store of 6k, but in a few weeks/months I'll be forced to buy permanent weapons or have to use the cruddy ones.

/sad day

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