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" Hmm, well if they're so eager to go on their own, we might as well enjoy our sweet time! " Sylvana said cheerfully as she started to walk forward. She was met with much resistance however, as Angelito started to pace in the opposite direction, dragging her back in the process.

" No? Aww... Well I guess you're right. Kress doesn't exactly look like Miss Lily's partner. " Sylvana sullenly said as she spun around to walk alongside Angelito, still holding on to him.

Sylvana frowned as she heard the crowd's throngs grow louder as they approached. She stuck closer to Angelito, as if to brace herself for something. The blind reyvateil hated crowds. Their voices had always disoriented her. They bumped into her. They stepped on her bare feet. And in a place like Orange, one would be foolish to expect an apology as a reyvateil.

Her thoughts immediately dissipated however, as she felt a hard tug on her arm as Angelito took off running towards goddess-knows-where.

" O-ow! Hey!! Where are you-- Ow! " Sylvana yelped as her feet pounded on the ground, as she half-ran and half-tripped after Angelito. As soon as he stopped, the silver-haired reyvateil panted as she tried to catch her breath, stooping down with her hands on her knees.

Her tired expression immediately hardened however as she heard some familiarly unpleasant voices that were mixed in with Lily's. She didn't expect to run into the Knights again. She wasn't hoping on it.

"Yeah...I'm sorry about how Sylvana was acting, I don't know what got into her. I've never seen her act that way before."

Catching the tail end of the conversation, Sylvana immediately stood up straight, an unamused look on her face.

" Miss Lily... you really shouldn't apologize for me. " Sylvana interrupted, as she stood by Angelito with that same, uncaring expression.

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