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Default Move Prisma to "Universal Guilds"?

Okay, here it comes again, Viktor, Aimee and I want to move the Prisma forum to "Universal Guilds". We thought about this thoroughly and like, who the hell clicks on the Lunia section just to find possibly the biggest and most active guild forum on the site? We still need to hear the opinion of our members (not that there's many left here on the forum) So please let us hear what you think about it, and, don't come up with a lame post like "I like the Prisma forum more here" or "We started at Lunia so stay here" because our forum wont really gain anything by staying here just for those reasons, we need more people who post and have fun here, and that wont work if we keep it here in the half-dead Lunia guild forums section.

Here a few of the advantages and disadvantages we came up with, feel free to express your opinion about them, we want to know what u think about us moving as well as what we think.


- We will get out of an nearly inactive game guild section.
- More people likely to visit our forum.
- More attention to Prisma in the forums.
- We don't need to be seen in a section thats practically dead.
- Prisma technically isn't a Lunia guild anymore, as most of the active forum members that post there quit the game.
- We don't even know who owns Prisma at ijji now.
- Theres likely to be more topic's in the forum, as more (non-Lunia) people would come in.
- ijji Prisma is dead and we don't get applications anymore.
- We can spread the sexiness! Said by Viktor.


We couldn't think of any disadvantages, but feel free to voice your opinion, and we will add them to the correct list.

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