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Default Concert Experinces

Sup guys, I've been gone for awhile but now I'm back!

Anyway, last month I went to my first "real" concert. The headliners were Dance Gavin Dance, and Emarosa. Both bands are may I say AMAZING live!

FYI if you haven't heard of these bands that's no surprise there not very well known metal bands but they have amazing singers! At the concert when Dance Gavin Dance came out they opened up with my favorite song and as soon as the first note was hit I was instantly in mosh pit Got to say I thought mosh pits were pretty stupid but I had some fun!

Also another cool part of the concert is that the singer from Emarosa used to be the singer of Dance Gavin Dance and he came out and sang with DGD while they performed!

here's some vids of the concert if you're interested!

Dance Gavin Dance- Uneasy hearts weigh the most (AMAZING song imo)

Of Mice and Men- Poker Face (supporting act) got the crowd excited

I'd love to hear about your guys experinces, feel free to post!

Peace out!
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