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Default Support ggftw with a BFH sig.

I'm no pro with xml, but I managed to fiddle around with my sig to produce a personalised one with updated stats every 24 hours.

Mine only shows faction, level , name and class but it helps all the same I feel.

To get it to work...

1. Go to the bfh site.
2. Click the "More" button at the top of the site next to your user ID.
3. Click your favourite hero.
4. Click "Creat your own signature" near the right of the screen.
5. Click "Advanced signatures" tab
6. Paste in the code below

<sig width="486" height="171" format="png">
<img x="0" y="0" src="" />

<img x="15" y="35" height="20" src="levelbg.png" />
<img x="15" y="65" height="20" src="c_{class}.png" />
<img x="15" y="95" height="20" src="f_{faction}.png" />
<txt x="25" y="49" value="{level}" font="CenturyGothicB" fontSize="11" color="#ffffff" outline="#000000" outlineWidth="4" align="center" />

<txt x="92" y="140" value="{heroName}" font="CenturyGothicB" fontSize="23" color="#ffffff" outline="#000000" outlineWidth="6" align="right"/>


You may need to tweak the X co-ordinate of the last line (the one with {heroName}). I find anywhere from 70 to 110 works best.

EDIT: In light of BFH's new pricing scheme, maybe this is more appropriate:

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