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1. Nice screenies!How come mine won't work?!

-Try holding down prtsc for about 3 secs. You can hide the HUD by using alt-H.

2.What do I do with dark sprite emblems?
- It an event. You must find a dark sprite and trade with him. Events may be seen by using balloon icon under mini map.

Hey, why aren't blue named items mentioned?!

-I haven't seen a crafted blue named before. They only drop. They tend to have more raw attack and defense power than orange named, but less stat point such as STR and VIT. Here is a pic comparing a blue named axe vs. orange advanced sword:

Notice the blue named axe is a lower level and still deals more raw damage.

Also worth mentioning are Yellowed named items. As of this time Only a few exist in CB and no pics are available. They can be crafted.

Evolving my main sprite? Anyone?

-At level 21 you get whispered a quest. You must go to Iyla and find this guy:

Note: Your main Sprite's xp bar must be full in order to evolve.

Thanks to

Lazy Loung and Way 102 for clearing up Relationship Points effects.
Nretep for fortify formula.

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