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Upgrading your Gear

OK technically off topic, but it helps.

There are two ways of Upgrading your Gear: Fortifying and Filling Slots.

Lets start with Fortifying.

You will need: item to improve and C scrolls. C attack are used for weapon upgrades and C defense for armor. C scrolls have very low success rate of fortifying. There are B and A scrolls, with better success rates, but I have yet to see em in game.

Now you got your scrolls and your item, head over to the fortifier in any mayor city, depicted as a Hammer Icon on Map.

Drag and drop the scrolls and the item then hit fortify.

If it succeeds, your armor gains more defense capabilities, and your weapon gets higher attack. Each upgrade adds 3% of your gears base attack, defense or magic defense stat.If you manage to get weapon or shield to + 5 enchant it crackles with lightning! Notice the whitish glow on my shield and axe:

Let it be known that getting +5 with c scrolls is tough and costly. I burned through 20 scrolls and did not hit +5. *edit clovers have been added to item mall, which increases you luck in fortifying*

If you fail a fortify attempt, the item gets damaged and loses all endurance, meaning you can't equip it. You can repair the gear right there with the mallet icon, but your items max endurance goes down. If your max endurance is 0, you can't equip item anymore. You can restore an item's max endure with a repair mallet from the Item Mall.

Resonance Stones

When Crafting sometimes you make items with little circles in the item descriptions.
These are slots that you can use to give special effects to your gear.

You need stones to make the fill slots. Take about 30 pure stones or middle stones, to an alchemist also depicted by a hammer icon on map.

See what he has for sale. He sells scrolls for making resonance stones. These scrolls ain't cheap and each needs 30 pure or middle stones to produce, as well as adhesive. Adhesive can be bought at any General Store.

The alchemy process may fail, but I've never failed linking resonance stones into my gear.
*edit clovers added to item mall, which increases your luck in alchemy*

You need 2 slots with the same type of stone to make it glow on a one hand weapon and 4 filled slots for a 2 handed. I haven't tested the one handed yet, but here is a pic of a 6 slotted Great Sword fully linked:

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