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The bread and butter of your Sprite. Open up the Craft to get started.

Each Craft attempt requires Raw Materials and some coin. The higher lvl items you make will be awesome. The higher your sprite craft goes, the more, better gear you can make.

You start off by making Common(White Named) items. There is a progression in crafting that requires you to start from Common to make Uncommon to then make Rare. Take a look at these pics:

See how the common pants were Raw Material for the Uncommon pants? Then in turn the Uncommon were used to make Rare pants.

This is where you begin to hate your sprite. It's about 80% to make common gear, 50% to make uncommon, and probably less than 30% for the rare gear. You will need to spend much coin to continually collect Raw materials and follow this progression to get the best gear around.

Why bother getting Rare gear? Not only do they have best stats around, even adding stats like STR and VIT, once all 6 pieces are combined they improve your combat skills!

On the bright side, every now and then you get an Event when you fail a craft, saying that your Sprite saved one of the Raw Materials used.

Also you cannot produce common or uncommon chest or helms. They go directly to rare. At lvl 20 your Armor sprite can make the full orange Basic Set. This goes for weapon sprites too. At lvl 30 you can craft your next full orange armor set and the next weapon orange. Ima take a guess that every 10 lvls from there on you will get orange sets. I believe at 60, you can craft Yellowed named items, which use orange as raw material!

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