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In order to Craft Gear you are going to need raw materials. Unlike other MMOs, which have you traveling the world map looking for the right materials, in Grand Fantasia we let Sprites do the dirty work. Open Collect and you will see your Sprite's collecting Skills.

There are 3 Skills in all: Foraging, Hunting and Mining. A Sprite can only train 2 of these skills. So when building your 3 Sprite team, make sure you have all 3 skills spread across them. You can have 2 sprites collect Raw Materials, while the third Crafts items for you.

When you choose to Collect your Sprite can come back with:
a) Common item (white named Raw Material)
b) Uncommon item (Green named Raw Material)
c) A combination of a & b
d) Nothing at all.

The higher a Sprite's Mood and Stamina, the better your odds of getting the c result.

After every collect there is a small chance you will get an Event.

Events include:

1)Raising Relationship Points and Stamina
2)Lowering Relationship Points and Stamina
3)Obtaining an additional item.

Items I've gotten so far include: pots, quest scrolls, fragment cards or additional Uncommon Raw Material.

Fragment cards are used in producing talents for your toon, but that's another subject.

In addition, your Sprite may obtain a Greatness status. During this period, your sprite success rate rockets, and it will bring more Raw Material than usual.

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