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Default Fighter/Warrior/Paladin FAQ/Guide (Still in-progress)

For the most up-to-date version of this FAQ/Guide, please visit the original post here.

Fighter/Warrior/Paladin Skill Guide

Hey guys, Dal here, and boy have I got a treat for you!

Have you ever made that awesome fighter-class that you wanted to get to Paladin, and wondered what skills you can have? Ever wonder what some of them do? Well, wonder no more, as I'm gonna break every buy-able skill down for you that you can get from a Skills Trainer.

"What is a Paladin, and why should I play one?"
You may ask yourself this once in a while. The answer is simple: Paladins are a class that specializes in both offense and defense. They have the capability to hit for quite a bit, while taking a nice hit. They also have the ability to heal others for a moderate amount of HP (of course, Priests and Sages can heal for a lot more), Dispel others, among other really great things.

"What kind of Sprite should I start with, and why?"
Since you're going to need weapons and armor, it all really depends on what your preference for a Guardian Sprite is. There are 3 though that you should highly consider:

Bloodhammer: This is the sprite that creates Warrior-grade armors. A rare drop in the wild, so this is the one I recommend most to start out with.

Nightwind: This Sprite is capable of creating swords of all kinds. 1 and 2 handed blades of certain doom and destruction. This is the sprite I personally chose to use during Closed Beta, and it's done wonders on keeping my weaponry up-to-date. Another rare drop in the wild.

Holylight: This Sprite is your shield maker. It creates items of defense for your right-arm slot. Most people who follow this class chain use shields. I personally prefer Two-Handed swords.

Remember that the Sprite you choose at the beginning is the only one that is capable of evolving at later levels, so make sure that the one you choose is the one you want! You can't release them into the wild and choose another one! This Sprite is yours. Forever. And Ever.

"Ok, so now I have my character made, Sprite chosen, and here I am on Siwa Island. Now what?"
Alright. Welcome to the beginning of the end of your leveling experience in becoming a Paladin! You begin as a Novice. At level 5, you get a quest screen that pops up on your screen, telling you that you can go change your class. Congratulations! You have graduated into being a Fighter!

There are 2 more times that little quest box should pop up. One at Level 14 when you can upgrade to Warrior at level 15, and the final at Level 29 when you can upgrade to Paladin at Level 30. Keep in mind that class changes are MANDATORY and you will NOT gain any Experience once you reach Levels 5, 15, and 30 unless you have upgraded your class!

"What skills can I take from here on out?"
I thought you'd never ask. There are LOADS of skills for you to choose from, and every skill you want can be bought at any Skills Trainer in Siwa Island (until you leave), Kaslow, Jale, or Ilya.

The skills available to this chain are:

- Sandy Cole Curse
- Wyrd of Meh
- Song of the Sprites
- Strike

- Sky Breaker
- Whirlwind Chop
- Weakening Strike
- Terra Ripple
- Hot Blooded Surge
- Shield Bash

- Holy Light Grenade
- Edge of Righteousness
- Armor-Cracking Strike
- Restorative Aura
- Healing Light
- Mighty Shield Bash
- Cure Blight
- Strike of Justice
- Shield of Thorns
- Showdown Banner
- Eternal Radiance
- Perfect Defense
- Swift Light Wing
- Holy Strike

"How do I access skills?"
The skill menu is opened using keyboard shortcut key "K"

"How do I equip skills?"
In your skills menu, you can left-click any skill and place it in one of 3 skill bars. The 3 skill bars use the following keys:
Skill Bar 1: 0-9 at the top of the keyboard, -, and =
Skill Bar 2: Same as Skill Bar 1, except you have to hold down "Ctrl" while pressing the desired key. This is noted by a "C" in front of the desired number/symbol.
Skill Bar 3: Same as Skill Bar 1, except you have to hold down "Alt" while pressing the desired key. This is noted by an "A" in front of the desired number/symbol.

"How do I use Skills?"
You can use skills one of 2 ways. The first way is by pressing the key(s) that the skill is in. The second way is right-clicking the desired skill you wish to use.

"What are Talents?"
Talents are passive abilities, meaning once equipped to your character, it gains a permanent bonus. Talents can't be equipped to your skill bar. You activate a talent by right-clicking it.
There are 3 domains of Talents: Earth, Star, and Moon.

Earth Domain
- Sword Specialist
- Axe Specialist
- Hammer Specialist

Star Domain
- Resilient Life
- Light Arms Specialist
- Heavy Arms Specialist

Moon Domain
- Shield Specialist
- Bronze Sinew, Iron Bone
- Lightfoot Stance

The 1st level of a Domain Talent of your choosing is given to you. To upgrade, you either need to find or buy a scroll, and take it to an Alchemist (with the correct alchemy supplies), and it will be made for you for a small fee.

"What are Talent Combinations, and where can I find any info on them?"
When you take talents of different domains, and mix them together, sometimes you get extra bonuses to your stats. This is a Talent Combination.
As far as info on them, LazyLuong's Talent Combo Guide is the most detailed, complete, and accurate one I could find here on the forums.

"Where are the quests to change my classes to Warrior, then to Paladin?"
At levels 14 and 29, a quest prompt to change your class will appear on your screen. If you don't see one, check your Adventure Log by pressing "L".
The quests are in more detail in a later part of this thread. You can find them by clicking here. (section not yet complete)

"I'm having a bit of trouble leveling. I'm so sick of grinding for my levels, and I'm out of quests. What do I do?"
Throughout the game, there are always quests to do. If you run out of regular quests to do, try and find yourself some repeatable ones. Repeatable quests are a great way to get some good money, as well as other rewards, such as mount summoning flutes. Plus they usually have a decent experience payout to help you reach that next level that much faster.

"Where the bloody crud is Magellan!?"
Magellan is next to a Traveling Merchant just west of the Kaslow City portal on Kaslow Plains. Open your map, using the "M" key and look for a symbol the represents a potion.

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