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Originally Posted by HolyAbyssal

And, about the maps, I prefer planes even though I'm crappy with them (lol). I usually get onto the sides when I can, and pull out my rocket launcher. Then I just shoot randomly. It's fun XD
Completely agreed, especially if you're with someone who is a good pilot. I just keep hoping that by some miracle one of my rockets will smack a tank and "BOOM". The best I've done so far is about 5 damage =X

I'm getting better with the plane too. The boost to damage means I can occasionally scare people with them. If you like planes you'll like the new map.

I'm really hoping they put in some sort of quest/PvE mode. Team Deathmatch is good fun, but I like the RPG element to it too, and want a change to properly earn items/currency.

EDIT: @Mitchi, female models should be coming soon (TM).