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Originally Posted by KillerTofu
Sadly, all of my old screenshots before a certain date are forever gone. Lost them during a PC rebuild. =(

Also, I can name a few people in that screenshot:

Fox on far right with headgear: KillerTofu (i.e. me)
Fox in center with beret: FX
Cat with Rosetta hat: WUG
Cat with blue hunting cap: Elona
Sheep with beret and green hair: nilam
Bunny with turban: Aerith (I think)
Lion with turban: Seducer (I think)
Nub sheep at back with blue hair: SeilorMercury/Yumeh (another guess)
Buffalo at back-right corner: KenKusanagi (guessing again)
Jeony's also in there somewhere, I'm guessing it's the bunbun facing the wrong direction. :P

I can remember other people from the guild at that time, but can't quite point them out in that screenshot: Rydia (cat), Nvidiar (lion), Sephyking (bunny), Descender (dragon), Suebee (fox), Nui (sheep), SweetRaine (sheep)...

I think I had remade my char for some reason...

haha... i don't remember a lot of people's names... .-.
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