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Originally Posted by DarkSpear
Wow thanks for all the inputs, i'll be sure to keep these tips in mind~!

Edit: Uh since i dont wanna create a new thread, i'll post my question here. How do you change direction using HS? Say you're facing 2 against a wall, how would you use HS to hit your opponent to your Left( or right). I've tried AAS AAAA Dash AS S 44 HS but i dash too far x.x.
Better to use Dash AS 4 S HS or Dash AS S 6 Space HS, the dash just risks you moving too much forward that the opponent won't be moved forward by the HS.

Dash AS 4 S if you're just about under the opponent, Dash AS S 6 Space if there is a bit of space between you and the wall (ie. height too low for you to go under the opponent).
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