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Default [GameKiss] Developer’s Diary #2

Good day everyone, this is Valkyrie Sky.

Last week, we talked about free 360 degree Camera view update and this week
we will talk about major updates in Character Stats.
I will leave it to you to decide whether this is good news or bad news.

Character Stats were originally implemented in Valkyrie Sky to add diversity to
the game for the users to create their own characters with different specialties.
But most of the users chose to upgrade “only” the damage stats for their characters.
I suppose that is because Defense does not mean a lot in Valkyrie Sky and they feel
it is better to focus on Damage stats to improve their character’s ability.
However, damage stats have very low effect on the attack power itself

(1 attack point per 5 stat points). Also, damage rate increased by the damage stats have

no effect on skill attack power.

(Skill attack power relies on Arms attack power. I assume everyone knows about this already. XD)

Nevertheless, a lot of the players continue to concentrate on adding damage related stats, but it was not meant to be this way when we first designed the character stats system. If everyone concentrates on one stat all the time, the whole idea of character stats system would be pointless. Therefore, we have spent a lot of time reorganizing and some changes will be made to the whole character stats system.

Don’t be surprised to see Charm(Chr) as the requirement for Swordman’s unique equipment!

First change we are going to make is the Strength(Str).

Currently, Strength is not as attractive as other stats with “Max weight” or “Normal critical power”.
“Max weight” does not have any effect once it reaches a certain point and “Normal critical power” can only show its ability when supported by “Critical hit rate”.
We are still discussing how we are going to change it, but it will probably have effect on life stats.
In which case, life stat, which is added as the optional ability on the Armors, can be covered by adding Strength stats. A lot of you are probably thinking that it’s going to make Swordsman stronger than other classes but as I mentioned earlier, a certain stat should not be dominated by one class. Instead, this could be a good chance for other classes to have more interest in Strength Stats.

Second change we are going to make is Luck(Luk).
Luck stats are supposed to increase item drop rate but it is very hard to feel the difference while playing. We have seen and received a number of complaints regarding this issue. If we were to make it so that players can actually feel the difference in item drop rate, it will break the game balance which we cannot afford. Instead, we will increase the number of dropped items. Additional items will be dropped from the Boss to the players with certain Luck points.

Don’t worry. The existing effects will still remain.

Changed Stats Composition

Actually, you can have better stat effects as is right now with adequately distributed points,
but it’s hard to notice the difference yourself as you add 5 points at a time. Also, adding stat points is such a routine that people rarely check the effects of their action.

That is why we're going to enhance the visual effects of the changes made to the stats, so that players will pay more attention to it.
I’m hoping that this improvement will help them to think more about stats and their effects.

This is it for today. I’m sorry if it wasn’t very interesting this time. :O
We’ll talk about the PvP, which many players have interests for.
Until then, everyone keep cheering for Valkyrie Sky.

Thank you.

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