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The bunny with the horns is Aerith, the one with the turban is ~Angel~. (saw their speech bubbles in other screens xD ) The bunny facing the wrong way is most likely xSephykingx. I think Jeo wasn't there for the SS
I'm not sure about the lions, we had Shmoo83, Seducer, Ryushi, Nvidiar at least..
The cat with the Rosetta hat is Shimisu, the fox next to him is biscuit.
The cat at bottom left is WUG.
The dragon in the middle is Descender.
Nui is one of the sheep with light blue hair, the sheep next to me should be nilam. The cat to my left is Zoey~, I think.
The rest is.. ehhh. xD I have no clue.

Oh, right, The cat at the bottom is NoeJeko.

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