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"Mmm..... "

A light, high pitch snore repeatedly echoed in the small inn room, coming from one of the beds. This snore sounded more like several tired sighs however, making it less disruptive than usual.

On the bed lay Mayu, moaning inaudibly as she stirred slightly from her lying position. The young taekwon's head dangled from the side of the bed facing skywards, eyes closed and her mouth slightly ajar.

On the wall her feet were propped, and one could wonder how she managed to completely reverse her lying position in her sleep. A single pillow lay on her chest, one hand hugging it to herself as she slept.

" Nngh... "

Feeling warm, bright sunlight on her face, Mayu grimaced as she unconsciously tried to shield her eyes. Quite luckily, it seemed that she had avoided an uncomfortable collision with the wooden floor for now...