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Originally Posted by eD3N
Really? Getting ganked at 24 is a problem?

The abyss would be your worst nightmare ahahahaha

It definitely gets better as you level, skills get alot better later on; buffs get very helpful (20% attack and running speed, tasty), overall combat gets faster paced as you won't be waiting on cooldowns with a wide array of skills available.

Bots are plaguing servers, siel is one of the worst case from what I heard. They implemented this sort of "anti-bot" captcha system in gathering aether but seriously, it's really dumb.
Yessir, I just don't like games with ganking at all. Or rather, just tired of it.
I don't have the heart to do it to others, and I hate it when it's done to me.

And also there is quite a heavy difference between ganking and getting killed in a battleground.
It's like the difference between being raped in your sleep, or um visiting a brothel.