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Technical Issues

1. Can't connect to update server?
- Have you checked your with your firewall yet? Please TEMPORARY disables them and try again.
- Do the same to antivirus, antispyware and try again.
- Do you have ipfilter software enabled? Such as PeerGuardian? Disable them and try again.
- Steps above not working? Are you in proxy network, or at college [or even office]? Did your network admins blocks the ports?
- Suspects firewall blocked? Not sure which port to be opened?
- Trickste Online currently using ports:- 1915, 1917, 1939, 1944, 1945, 1946 to connect. Why so many ports? Because of launcher, GameGuard and server connectivity [I'll update the port lists if I missed the other ports]
- Everything not working? Suspecting malware attacks? Then create a thread in the Technical Support here
Technical Issues - /gg FTW!
2. Can't login to server? [Cant Connect to Server. please try again later.]
- Please try step 1
- Try restart your computer and also your modem and then try connect again.
3. Using Windows Vista? Trickster Online can't start? Clicked GameStart button...nothing comes out?
- Disables your Antivirus.
- Why? Basically, GameGuard hates Vista, with Antivirus included.
4. Launches Trickster Online caused BSOD?
- Please disables any firewall and antivirus and try again.
- Got Comodo Internet Security installed? Please try disable Defense+ feature.
- Why? Blame old GameGuard that Trickster Online still using.
- Also, GameGuard [TO's version] is NOT supported under Windows Vista/7.
5. Version not match [server and version are not matching.-(1010)].
- Just recently installed? Click on FILE CHECK button on the launcher to ensure you've all the necessary patches installed.
- Server just have a maintenance today, and new version comes out, yet you still have the old version, and FILE CHECK not working? Then, blame @ your ISP, you'll need wait for your ISP caches to expires, or use proxy to connect.
- Have you cleared your Internet Cache? Do it via Internet Options-> Delete Internet Temporary Cache Files.
- Alternatively, please try this
6. Unable to utilizes Dirextx.
- Are you sure you've installed your graphic card drivers properly yet?
7. Trickster Online freezes after character loading!
- How much RAM do you have? It's recommended to have more than 256MB of memory to ensure you've smooth gameplay.
- Sure, the minimum requirements says 256MB, but that's only barely can run.
- Please close down unnecessary background programs and try again.
8. Update Process Failed!
- Makesure you've enough empty space on drive where you've installed TO to.
- Try temporary disables any antivirus and firewall and try again.
- If it's still fails, try to restart your computer and run the patcher again.
9. GameGuard won't run or crashes in Windows 7!
- This is an issue about GameGuard compatibility
- This fix mostly for Windows 7 64 bit version
- Download this fix
- Please delete your GameGuard folder first.
- Extract using WinRar into your Trickster Online folder.
- Replaces any files if asked.

It's not guaranteed it will work, also there's some issues
- Please close FireFox browser, as GameGuard will causes it crashes, and GameGuard itself will crashes afterward, might applies to other browsers as well.

NOTE: It's been reported that it will NOT WORK for those who're using Windows 7 32-bit.


For possible Windows 7 32 bit fix, please download this file instead -

And as the same procedures as above, extract and replace your GameGuard.des inside your Trickster Online folder.

Repeat this procedure each time you want to start Trickster Online.

Or you could try VirtualBox, like here
- /forum/computers-tec...x-your-pc.html

Or other solutions, like here
- /forum/trickster-onl...11-2009-a.html
10. "Can't Get Filelist" error when updating the game!
- Possible fix, by changing your DNS to use OpenDNS [What is OpenDNS: OpenDNS > Solutions > Overview]

Windows XP

Windows Vista/7

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