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I am actually ashamed to say that I am brazilian. God, majority of brazilians just give us bad reputation in any game you can think of. They like to take advantage in everything and worse than israelis (no offense to Israel people though) in Maple Story, if anyone can recall. :3 They want to speak in portuguese to EVERYONE and still complain if there aren't enough brazilians. Oh, they also complain that they can't understand english very well. In general, we're horrible players.
Lol actually we're so bad that for some time OGPlanet refused to accept brazilian accounts (at the time, I wanted to try LaTale out :3), saying that they had banned brazilian IP's.
Like someone said, we're a poor country. I do support games when I like them, but majority just won't do that cause ohhh they're so smart and sneaky and have it for free.
That's just some of the reasons why I would go "ewwwwwwwwww" or just ran away when I saw a brazilian in game. Not all are bad, of course; there are good and bad people all around the world, but I just had many terrible experiencies gaming with other brazilians /rant

so basically, I would say they are not gone cause the company that holds Pangya copyrights don't have a server of their own; They provide the game cards and ways for us to get game cash but they link the players to Ntrev's website when you hit "download". So yeah, all brazilians are probably playing the english version :3

Sorry for the long rant x3