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At the risk of turning this into a twitter <- (most fail thing in the world in my opinion) thread.... *too many letters I guess, but w/e*

Indecisive Insomnia is the worst.

I'm too tired/lazy to up and start mining, although I said I wanted to, but I can't sleep. It's like being half awake, but without that tiny bit of oomph to go to sleep.

Pink Panda (at least I think it is) is back in the game, and I REALLY want one. It's kind of like how people want fashion because it appeals to them. I just really like that pet even if it does have crit damage on it. I'm still kind of miffed about why I don't already have one. (Buying a Minebot while it was still in ladeck instead of a panda first and then not getting to buy my panda because my seller sold it *cough*>_> *cough* and then Panda being taken out of the game for MONTHS and Minebots being placed into the FASHION SHOP for everyone and their grandma to get. ;;;...)

*** This is the part where I make discussion ***

How do you get to sleep? Falling asleep when you're tired kind of falls under exhaustion at a certain point.

I'll post more when I think of something to say..

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