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Default [GameKiss] Developerís Diary 09.11.18

Greeting everyone!

This is the Manager of development team of Valkyrie Sky, and I am glad to share Developer’s Diary before the players of Valkyrie Sky. First of all, we would like to thank all the players of Valkyrie Sky who have been with us since the beginning of CBT. We are working very hard 24/7 to improve the game quality and satisfy all the players. We have checked all the articles and trying to implement all of your needs and demands. To keep you updated with the latest news on Valkyrie Sky, we’re here to introduce some of the changes and updates which are to be applied in the next version of Valkyrie Sky. Today, we will talk about updated Camera View.

One of the hottest issues that were made during the CBT was the Camera View in the village. As you know, the view was fixed at the ground and which a lot of the players didn’t like it. We would love to grant your demands and have it changed, but it was not a simple work. It took some time to decide whether we should change it or not. And finally we’ve came to a conclusion that we should! We worked very hard and TA-DA! Here comes the free view!!

This is the side view of Ava the merchant. You can see that the surroundings of her changed. We had to add a cute white desert fox image over the character because we did not have time to dress her up! OMG!

This is the new view of the Council and the Party Tree. We zoomed in just a little bit to capture the background, but you will be able to zoom in a lot more and see the beautiful details of the characters and costumes. There’s only small part of the sky in this picture, but you will also be able to see the whole sky above you! And there is the white desert fox again XD

An image for you to compare… This was the original fixed camera view.

You will be able to move the camera angle freely by dragging the right mouse button. Along with the free view, the villages had to be renewed. It’s hell of a lot work and we are only a half way through. But all that time and efforts were worth it since you can look at your character and the surroundings with a closer and detailed look. It is a pity that the views are still fixed in the camps, councils and etc, but we think we will deal with it later on. We are still working hard and Valkyrie Sky is still improving day by day.

We hope you liked the news! We will keep posting Developer’s Diary regarding major changes in the game system like PvP, Character Status, Channel selection and etc every week, so keep in touch!!

See you next week!

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