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" so yeah, I was holding Dracula by his neck. He then snapped his fingers, and all these HUGE bats came out! But I did this spinning tornado kick and they all died! That vampire guy was now begging for my mercy, but I wanted my loot, so I gave him a good knee to the face! "

Mayu trailed behind the other two Midgardians, sharing her own stories with them as they headed for the women's baths.

" And... then I woke up. " As Mayu finished, she immediately put down her towel before testing the water with her toe, yelping and drawing back as she realized how hot it was.

" Ow! Sure is hot... " Going into the water slowly now, Mayu cringed as she felt the piping hot water wash over the little nicks and cuts that hadn't been healed before. Before long however, she was totally relaxed in the water, wincing every now and then as she felt another scrape or cut reveal itself.

" Wooooow, this is greaaaat.... " Mayu soon found herself in bliss, as she sank neck deep into the water with an elated look on her face.