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Default 11/18 balance patch! (yay funnels!)

unit balance

Destiny gundam : before R key
weapon 1 - reload speed has been decreased (boomerangs i think)

regelg (br) weapon 2, weapon 3 - damage reduced
- dusks lovely homing suit has gone down the drain woot woot!

bacu (cr) weapon 3 - ammo reduced to 1 (NOoooooo)

gundam dynames weapon 2 - damage increased, bout time
(his missles were weaker than guntanks lol..)

palace athene (normal one) weapon 3 - reload speed increased ^_^

funnel units

funnel's moving speed, funnel's survivibility has been increased for units named below.

qubeley, providence gundam, gunbarrel dagger, zeong, perfect zeong, qubeley mass production, qubeley mass production (active cannon), dreadnaught gundam, x astray, qubeley MK-2, elmeth, jagdoga, sazabi, nu gundam (NOT HWS)

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