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Default R> Bamboo Bracelet Farming Team

req: lv25+

We will be doing full Kings runs on Castellian's Chamber on channel 21 (Sky Tower - East 4). The catch? You must stay for farming until four Bamboo Bracelets are found (i.e. one for each party member), but you can leave if no one has found one yet. It doesn't matter if you already have one, because you can still sell them for over 1mil in DFO's inflated market.

Just post your ign, your class, lvl, and what times you will be available every Saturday. If you have more than one character above level 25, post all of them, just in case we need to work out issues on avoiding the Noob-O-Meter.

As for me,
-6 GMT (CST), usually all day on Saturday. lv38 Ranger, lv29 Blademaster. I'll probably lvl my Blademaster to 30 and use my blue greatsword, since I really don't want to touch Sieghart with a Lightzanbato or a weak and inaccurate lightsabre.

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