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Default Legendary hero title team finder

Legendary hero is the best title in game, it requires to do raid chain 30times each from yeti to charlotte, soloing them is long and boring, thats why i made this list
Please leave your:

Please edit your posts after finishing raid for example:
xyz/Dainn/Gmt+2 Yeti
@Update 1 dd/mm/yyyy Pumpkins
Yeti Cave:

1) Raill/Ryan/Pst
2) SetsunaS/Asuka/CST
3) AlleaEir/Eir/GMT -8/Yeti Cave

Pumpkin GY:

1) LeonLeLime/Lime/Gmt+0

Cursed Ghost Village:

Kanhel Ruins:

Black Forest:

Secret Base Of Cobolts:


Lower Jahylliah:

Siren Sea:

Upper Jahylliah:

Tumgaland (Baphomet):

1) HunterShadow/Ryan/Gmt-6
2) Shafie

Le Lua:

1) XxtoshiroxX/Yuki/???

La Chatillie:

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