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Sora no Kiseki SC pls.
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Event foods are like... the Holy Waters and Syrups too, so maybe add that in?

Magic Holy Water (Level 1): +10% Magic
Stamina Holy Water (Level 1): +10% Stamina
Luck Holy Water (Level 1): +10% Luck
Magic Damage Syrup (Level 1): +30% Magic Damage (Max/Min?)
Magic Critical Damage Syrup (Level 1): +40% Magic Critical Damage
Magic Accuracy Syrup (Level 1): +30% Magic Accuracy


Buff that randomly raises one of the 4 stats 3% per level for a total of 25% at max.
-This is actually a useful buff. 25% increase in magic or strength is a large amount of damage increase. And 25% increase in stamina is a lot as well.
It's 30%. ;D

And for Sonic Protection, sometimes it can be useful. Especially when you're fighting monsters that hit multiple times (example: Hamehas, Coralas). But not really that good when you're just fighting enemies that just do big hits.

Hamehas hit around like 4 times: 150 damage x 4 = 600 damage (assumed)
Have maxed Sonic Protection (-100 damage): (150-100) x 4 = 200 damage
-> Also every 150-100 damage = no flinch.

And then a Shachi (the whale enemy): 500-100 = 400 damage (assume)
-> Still has flinch.

2. It heals about 33%, (1/3 from my estimation) meaning less spam for more heal.
And for Group Guitar Heal's description: Recovers you and your party member's stamina; %Recovery Skill.

I don't think it actually heals around 33% of the person's HP.
I tried healing with around like 2.5k HP and 7.5k HP and the the skill still heals around the same. 11xx~14xx.
The %Recovery in the description probably meant it only heals more if you had the skills like: Water Elemental Mastery [Expert] (10%+5%* more heal from *water element+4); Spirit of Holiness (2% more heal/per level); and Purification (3% more heal/per level--active buff)


While I was doing quests, I got Lemonade (critical+2) and Coffee (accuracy+10). I wanted to know if it can actually add to magic stats instead and so I tried. It did. I got Magic Critical Rate+2%, and Magic Accuracy +10%.

I think any Critical/Accuracy+% foods works for both magic/physical classes. Might also work for Critical Damage+% but not as sure... since critical damage doesn't show on the status.

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