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Default Running VirtualBox on your PC

Ever heard about virtualization? Do VMWare or VirtualPC sounds familiar? For now I'd say about Sun's VirtualBox, it's also similar as those other 2 virtualization as I mentioned above, and also this one is you can just use it, distribute it among your friends as long you don't get the profit out of it.

Anyway, what's the purpose of using virtualization software? Easy, few benefits like
- Testing some software before deploying it to working machine.
- Testing antivirus software, or malware test, like my testing - /forum/computers-tec...ware-test.html
- Running some "extra dangerous" application that you doesn't want to disturb your actual machine.
- Good thing about virtualization, if you screwed up the system...just delete and recreate, or just revert to previous checkpoint.
- Running 2 OS-es at the same time, isn't that cool?
- And more...

As for this time, I'd say ...I'll use VirtualBox to play games...yes, play some games actually...such as Trickster Online and more.

Did I said that, Trickster Online, or any games with GameGuard[aka GameGuard] totally HATE HATE HATE Windows 7? There's "possible" fix for Windows 7, but works better with 64 bit than 32 bit[it will causes BSOD in 32 bit]. BUT, even you can play the game with "workaround fix" for Windows 7, you'll exposes yourself to security risks, such as
- Program crashing
- Your antivirus might stops working
- Windows becomes unstable, even after you closed the game

Here's the link about the Windows 7 "possible" fix for GameGuard "protected" games.
- /forum/trickster-onl...s.html#post478

As others it on your own risk, since GameGuard is not officially supported in Windows 7 [32/64 bit]...unless they've patched it. But, as for Trickster Online players, they probably ...won't get the fix, due to ntreev's "stubborness" nature...just look at Windows Vista's for example..did they provides the fixes? NO, the player did. Oh, we can just replaces them in the company then? Shall we? ggFTW-reev [oh god...]

[Getting ready]
Before that, we need to prepare something up. Since it's like, a OS on-top of an OS, and yes, you probably guess that...isn't it requires higher system requirements?

Ok, let's check on what's the recommended system requirement, for at least you can play Trickster Online on it, or probably other games as well.

So what you gonna need, for your computer:

Modern process with hardware virtualization is highly recommended.
Use this tool to check if your processor support hardware virtualization.
Intel: VT-x
1GB or more, although recommended would be 2GB+, as for your own system, and also the guest system memory allocation.
Varies, from 10GB[free space] onward will do.
Graphics Card
Any will do.
OS setup [CD/DVD]
We'll need them to install the OS.
Those are the vital parts, once you got those ready and checked up, proceed to the next check.

Now, for the tools. Since I'm mentioning about Sun Virtual Box, then you'll need Virtual Box, which available for free here
- Downloads - VirtualBox
[Setting UP]
These steps will guides you on how to install the OS, for this, I'll use Windows XP as the guest OS.
Install Virtual Box like any software installations. Then fire up the application.

Click on the "NEW" button:

Name your Project, and select Operating System - Microsoft Windows, and Version as Windows XP:

This step will ask you to on how much amount of RAM you'll allocate for the system. Selecting any from 256MB-512MB will do...based on your physical RAM:

This step will asks you to create a "virtual HDD", just click on NEXT:

As what you read there..just click

There, you'll have a "hdd" on Settings:

Afterward, Start the "virtual OS"..and then click on Devices->CD/DVD Drives, and select on where you placed your Windows XP CD:

Click on OK to save...then click the START button to "turn on your machine".

Just follow the standard installation:
Spoiler!'ve a working Windows XP. Just update your system there..using Windows Update, and remember install DirectX:

Afterward, enable virtualization hardware support, so VirtualBox can take advantage on your hardware processor based virtualization. Click on Settings->System->Advanced.
Tick on both "Enable VT-x/AMD-V" and "Enable Nested Paging" and click on ok

Take note: These options only available if your processor supports hardware virtualization.
[Further steps]
This step will enables Direct3D [experimental] function for your VirtualBox.

Please makesure you've installed the Directx before you do this step.
Latest DirectX can be obtained here: Download DirectX 9.0c (Aug 09) -

Click on Settings->Display, allocates more than 64MB for Video RAM, and tick on "Enable 3D acceleration"

Start your Windows...then click on Devices->Install Guest Additions..but don't run the installation yet:

Restart your "Guest" OS to Safe mode, by pressing F5:

Install Guess Addition by going to My Computer->Setup DVD...makesure you tick the "Direct3D Suppport [Experimental]", then click NEXT...reboot afterward:

[Playing the game]
There you've it, to makesure you've Direct3D acceleration, go to Start->RUN...type dxdiag and press ENTER. If Direct3D acceleration is enabled...then it's properly installed.

Run the game, like Trickster Online for an example..and yes, GameGuard do run.


There you have it, you can now play Trickster Online using Virtualbox in Windows 7. Probably it will taxes your system a bit, but at least you're not exposed to unstable system and other security risks.

FPS, performance? It might varies, depending on your system and what kind of games you're playing.
Adding new partition/hdd

Questions? Ask it here

And you can also try other OS like ubuntu as well too! Have fun virtualizing!

- On Sun VirtualBox ver 3.1.6 r59338 version and above, it will auto-enable hardware virtualization by default if your processor supports hardware virtualization.
- Corrected some details.

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