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I dont know where to put these, so I figure I'll just leave it here.

The general consensus when dodging is pretty simple, just dont stay in front of it. Most of the bosses/mob/w.e have at least 1 or 2 atks that are dedicated to frontal assault. The only exception that I can think of atm is 3-4H/L boss where the front is safe from the arrows shootout. Check if the ohkos are projectile. A single firework sometimes doesnt provide enough cover ( eg. the firebolts from daru can swirl from the side and hit you even if you stay behind a firework ) , the problem is usually resolved when you have more than 2 ( depending on the number of people behind and how you structure the formation, they last about 9~10 secs ). At least, that how's I deal with cod 2xdaru with ohkos fire bolts before.

It's also easier for healer to fake res if the character is supported by a wall behind when they got killed by atks that knock them away . And grouping is 10 times easier sometimes if one move to the destination spot than actively trying to hit them over there , especially if the mobs are not launch-able. A very simple example is that you spawn from the stage ( coc 2) and its the 14th level. You get tons of orge lord spawn at the bottom of the stage. Have everyone group in the middle, wait for the ogre to approach, and move back a bit. Most of the orge will be gathered around the same point on the mini map and its a lot faster to kill them than facing them on your own individually.

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