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Gaiety will become famous soon enough

The dream leather attack speed set for current DFO:

Shadow Veil or Million Deadshot Shoulders (3% aspd)
Legacy: Cubeley's Sacred Suede Set (some people opt for the non-Sacred version for the evasion buff from the full set) (3% m/aspd set bonus)
Any belt will do, they all suck so far

Bamboo Bracelet (3% mspd)
Any necklace will do, they all suck so far
Lapore Meta (3% aspd) (good luck with this one)
[Weapon of choice with highest Attack speed mod]
Sacred Guardian Title (2% aspd)

And of course face+torso avatars with 4% aspd mods and shoes with 4% mspd mods.

EDIT: Some cheaper alternatives:
Wind Dreamer Set (3% a/mspd set bonus, Shoulders Top and Bottom)
Slums Agility Leather (Top+Shoulders grant 2% aspd set bonus, same for Bottom+Belt)
Wind Bracelet (2% mspd)

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