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yes, ill make it clear

k, i said "I know who scammed you", meaning that I,
KNOW him. i know lots of ppl, including Obama, i did not
say that he was a friend of mine, and i had only said that
i know what he had done after the trade, as in just knowing

i did use that ip, i will say it again, is either school
network, proxy or watever, most likely school network

lol...if i can contact my "friend" to take the blame, i
would be in this shit right now, how im really friends with
him, i can easily told him to contact u and shit

im the referrer to the id279, i had only known him for
like a few weeks it turned out that he isnt the kind of guy
i was thinking of (him=dumbass+annoying), i would inform
you if i had knew, since i wouldn't be dumb enough to have
him scam u while having any connections with me
also, during this whole few days that u guys was having the
trade, u did not contact me or anything, and i DID NOT KNOW
YET, so techniquely, u had contacted him not them (as in me
and him).

all i can do is to get him to talk to you (75%chances), but i
would not guarantee that "my friend" would pay you.

is nice of actually reasoning with me, so i can get out of this
crap, i will take a few more ss later, i hadnt do myshop trades
for a while now, and i always GF.

8.6ks bullcrap, cup of tea+some candies,
once you post that ken=scammer
what can i do? nothing.
since every1s gonna belive you, not that you are lying, but
rather misunderstanding.
who do you think im? a hella hated guy.

i put myself in your position, yes, i can see that im
most related to the scammer, and yes, you cannot do anything
except accusing me, yet no direct evidence had prove
that me LoveKen had done anything wrong, except
vending the afro. As u had said, there are not alot of
ref afros, but i asked him and he said that he didn't
buy it from me, im not sure about that though

but since you are claming that im a form of allice, then U
should tell ME what can I do to prove myself clear.

put yourself in my position

tell me,
plz don't +rep me