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after seeing Flay naked:
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1) I would delete the part where you quote LOL. Some of it sounds good, the rest sounds like biased bullcrap. Biased = Bad, mkay? Though, I suppose it's extremely difficult to say anything about a class without being biased... Bleh.

2) As for boots, enchanting for movement speed would be much more useful than any other enchant. Physical Evasion is a second best if you already have stockings/other equips/etc that add evasion. After all, 10%-15% physical evasion isn't as much as you think it is... (Yay for falsified percents/misusing percentages in Latale)

3) Bards out damage WATER Sorcerers IF they have the Sound of Water Element skill. If that is the case, then the bard will always out damage the water sorcerer. If they do not, then they will do about the same damage. A bard will rarely (if ever) out damage a wind/earth/fire sorcerer with the same type of equips/funding. They could try with various buffs from their guitars, but it might just make them AS strong (if not a bit stronger or weaker) than their sorcereresque-counterparts.

Sorry for mentioning that, but I think it's more accurate and doesn't over exaggerate.

4) The usage of pros/cons is a big DO NOT WANT unless you know EVERY advantage of a bard/sorcerer and EVERY disadvantage of a bard/sorcerer. It sounds kinda haughty of me to say this, but it's true. (After all, you don't want to do wrong by someone by saying the wrong thing/leaving things out)


-Can heal themselves at anytime.
-Evil Sound deals decent damage and can keep monsters at bay.
-Has many buffs to boost HP, damage, defense, etc.
-Main attack will be Evil Sound and sometimes Water I/II skills.
-Common class

-Has self-healing capabilities that activate from time to time.
-Can be flexible due to the ability of switching to other elements/having more than 1 element.
-Has speed, defense and fire-attack-boosting buffs. Also has a buff to slow enemies down. They do not stack with each other, however.
-Main skills will USUALLY be 5~8 elemental attacks of choice.
-Uncommon class

-Both are considered glass cannons due to their frailness.
-Both are great damage dealers, however, they are fairly weak in the early stages.
-Cost the most to fund since they need great elemental stones AND staves/guitars/orbs/dagger+shields.
-Both require Magic Concentration to airskill (obtained from PVP)

I don't bash any of the classes. Nor do I ever say one is better than the other. It's like a list of facts/basics that everyone knows.

5) If your choice of armor is the epic magic set, then you won't need as much stamina. If you use any other armor, stamina is the way to go. Magic as a secondary; or if you're going down the critical branch, luck. (At least have 1-3 pieces of equipment enchanted for stamina if you have the epic magic set)

Anyway, I basically barked your ear off with critisms/being *****y/being the only one to say such things/etc; but you still did very good. You covered most of the topics needed and you even explained some things that people might not get at first.


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