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I was actually looking for Leather pieces that give additional attack speed outside of the Mastery. For BattleMages, I think they get a couple of points of Strength, Attack Speed, Intelligence, and Physical Critical from their Warlord's Leather Mastery. I can understand why they would go back to cloth, since it offers more int as well as MP regen, but I'd rather get some attack speed to proc more Chasers.

As for Rangers, they get several points of Strength, Crit, and Attack Speed. That's definitely what I need, but for some reason the firing speed of Revolvers just feels so sluggish to me, so it's awkward trying to juggle for long periods with revolvers. I definitely won't be complaining when the lvl cap gets raised to 60 and I can add a few more lvls to my Pan Revolver, but until then, I need to find Leather pieces with additional attack speed bonuses. I like the firing speed of Bowguns and Auto Guns, but I really don't feel like sacrificing the Physical Attack power, especially at these higher level stages where it gets difficult for a Ranger to solo because of low dmg.