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Life will become famous soon enough

Thanks to everyone for the help. I think I've finalised my build now.

My advice would be don't be too atk minded sometimes. Last time most people want to see is that they are killed but the healer is in 'JoG' animation :l . Whose fault is it is actually arguable but less drama brings more enjoyment.
Yeah, that is really annoying. I've partied with so many Eirs who just JoG all the time, even when they see you on the ground lol.

Some of the standard norms like if there's 2 of people lying down with 0 hp and one of them is a healer, its imperative for the healer to get up selflessly and save the other guy butt rather than having both of you dead.
I especially hate it when they complain ('omg') instead of getting up to res.

For holy spirit: its flinch effect is long enough to cast jog/ pentagram.
May grab a point in that skill. It looks kinda cool anyway.

Prayer: Slow, but the range helps. A nifty trick would be to activate this skill, then activate a Light shield potion. The light shield (depending on rank) should last the entire duration of the prayer, so you essentially make an AoE of constant fake ressing. It's nifty in CoC2 where the HUGE orcs are trying smash everyone when you guys are standing in the circle to avoid a cave in
That is pretty clever. I'll have never thought of that.

Thanks again for the help. +rep to all of you.