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Some of my thoughts:

Moon Pieces: I feel this to be one of Eir's greatest source of damage to anything larger than the average orc. Against Myth Mobs, each piece will hit for up to 8 times and the skill can hit 10-12 times on Lunia/Foriel/Wildur/CoC bosses.

Tears: Is another good one. I know you say you don't like it, but it's another excellent attack imo. Its fast, and it hits 10 times on large enemies and if close enough. It's risky to get close sometimes, but you could always opt to go for 6-8 hits instead of the 10 if you need a bit of distance or time to run.

RB Pieces: I don't think the damage is good. As far as I can tell, in order to be good, you have to in the monster's face the whole duration to get as many hits as possible and that's not good for your health. I'd definitely get one point though. It's a goode stun shield and can help in sticky situations in CoC and some non-myth stages.

Resurrection: I think you should definitely get 1 in this. Stuff happens, people die, some bring JoLs with them expecting one of the Eir's to res them.

Prayer: Slow, but the range helps. A nifty trick would be to activate this skill, then activate a Light shield potion. The light shield (depending on rank) should last the entire duration of the prayer, so you essentially make an AoE of constant fake ressing. It's nifty in CoC2 where the HUGE orcs are trying smash everyone when you guys are standing in the circle to avoid a cave in =/

Light Shield: I'd definitely get atleast 2 of this. Face it, Eir has no invincibility frame skills besides her JoGs (and those take a couple seconds `-`), and this can save you. It helps the party too, but most of them attack and cancel it, so I use it for myself mostly. Maxing it for the 10 seconds also helps in case you get surrounded or just "insurance" when you get sent to Ordeal.
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