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Verde can only hope to improve

↑^ + avatars, two lv.30 avatars gives you 10% attack speed total (12% for rare avatars) you will most likely use quick silver set at lv.50 so that would add another 4% attack speed, you will most likely get a 3% attack title some day.

you can also equip a fast pan, a lv.45 rare revolver that has +1 skill level for revolver panning and 4% attack speed (you don't really need that revolver though.. you could do better affording a normal high level gun with high upgrade instead.)

when max level capacity increases to lv.50 the first thing you should get is a quick silver set, it lets you do additional damage to undead/demons and has +1 to silver bullet with 4% attack speed and 2% move speed set option.