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Some other stuff x.x

Some of the standard norms like if there's 2 of people lying down with 0 hp and one of them is a healer, its imperative for the healer to get up selflessly and save the other guy butt rather than having both of you dead.

Repeatedly throwing out beads is pretty useful to fake res if the bosses atk consist of a ohko move which hits you up in the air and kills you before you land on the ground. I wanted to suggest +2 beads just for the sake of bras-king in coc3 but heh, not everyone gets a party for it usually.

The more fake res skills you possess the better. The rate of death some bosses can inflict to others can be pretty astounding. Some classes dont have a counter or the counter(s) doesnt reset fast enough for them to face the situation all the time, their best options is to rely on others ( eg. krieg mdef, sieg voke, yuki's nucleus, eir ls ) for temporary escape/shield.

And always get a healer to support someone that's luring. CoC ohkos too often.