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Originally Posted by Light
Some mods while interesting, can cause more damage then good.
XML editing requires perfection, one tiny flaw can cause many errors, some which can't be easily reversed.

That was one of the reasons why I left out XML editing, as the previous guide which used that technique got more complaints and problems then actual results.

The second reason was the complexity.
In comparison to a few swaps as opposed to coding a file, it was far easier for the general userbase to switch some files, instead of attempting to code things around.
XML is more hassle then it's worth when there are easier alternatives, and many agree with me on that.

My advice to you, is if you intend to explain simple-mildly complicated XML edits (which are what you mention), you will have to do so with great detail and pinpoint accuracy, without making it overly complicated and hard to understand.
Not everyone can understand things on the same level as another, and not all complicated things can be explained in a simple manner.

That will be your major stepping stone in this guide, Good Luck.
lol light... yes. xml editing sucks. xD It makes a great finished product but causes a hell of a lot more fatal errors than the other methods. ahaha xD

Thanks, Light. And you're right. XML editing is pretty complex and it would baffle a lot of people. I'm hoping this guide can kind of explain things to people in such a way that they can create new mods for themselves. Like you said, using xml edits can be really tricky, and more trouble than they are worth. But when the only way to do something is by using XML edits... you may as well learn the XML editing technique.
ps: imagine having a ton of sieg's run at you in the slime event thing. It could happen. *poof!* another sieg just got hit. shadow clones, I tell ya.
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