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Originally Posted by Griever
Not to be a ****, but is a guide for this really necessary?

Most of us already know how to edit all this. It's loosely covered in Light's guide and we're not doing brain surgery here.
you're right actually. Light does have a guide on xml editing, and if you'd like me to stop writing mine, which covers more than simple code swaps and edits, keep flaming. =/
This guide is going to go over a lot more complex things. now... because everyone is getting so angry about this not being finished.. I think I'm going to take this guide down, complete it on another website, and then maybe post it here when I'm done.
it was supposed to help people learn the relationships between different files so they could do more than simple file-swap mods. boss to npc mod? that's a file swap method. -_- clothing mods? file swap. character to another character? file swap. pet to eir?
****ing complex.
alright? there are a lot of people out there who don't fully understand the relationships between these files. If you can understand these relationships, you'll be able to edit Lunia as if it were open source.
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