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after seeing Flay naked:
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Just a small change for your "grinding areas" section.

40~55 can be done in the Toad Forest Instance. Mountain Pigs, Super Pigs and Mothmen are great. In terms of exp outage its about the same as any other map. But the spawn is great, as is the ely outage. Training here will result in you gaining as much money as you're losing. Not to mention there's no annoying Bronto Leg to stomp on you or annoying maps to hop around. To grind at this place, you need to be in a party. However, I solo'd there as well and did quite well... So soloing is an option if you know how to mob the pigs and if you take on 2-3 mothmen at a time.

60~75ish can be done at the Spooky Instance. Crabs are decent and all, but Wisps, Animated Jars, Goblins and Miss Gagas give great EXP. You can also kill the Undertaker (he's rather easy, in my opinion) for a lot of exp as well. Again, you need to be in a party to get in the Spooky Instance, and it's recommended that you get another person to help you kill the monsters. You CAN solo them, but it'd be rather annoying and possibly slower if you're not crazy-funded.

70~80 can be done at Lizard Men in the Toad Mountain Instance. They attack half of the time as any normal monster, and there's many sniping spots. Rabana is also here, so you can get someone to lure and/or snipe him. You can also lure giant mobs of Lizard Men to a ladder while your team mate(s) kill them. This place is a MUST for partying, since it's required to get in. You also won't get that far without one or two other people backing you up.

All three of these places are great to go if you wish to get rich. The Toad Mountain and Forest Instances have quests around these levels, so you should do them while you're there. The Spooky Instance is a place where you're bound to lose some ely, but it's worth it in the end. (EXP > ELY, AMIRITE?)

Moar tips:

-If you spot someone around your level, kindly ask if they want to party with you. Partying is always faster than soloing. However, many of the newer players try to pack their party with 3 others, making the exp outage lesser than soloing/etc. If you must, get a maximum of TWO other people in the party, however, one other person should be more than enough.

-Make sure they're around your skill level (IE: Good gear like yours, pots, they know what to do, etc). It's not nice to kick someone for having bad gear or not knowing what to do, but these types of people only cause your character harm. You will be picking up all the slack, burning pots as they use you as a shield and you'll be leveling much slower. In other words, that person is leeching and you're just letting them walk all over you by being "nice".

-When training, be courteous and don't use your partner as a meat shield unless you know they can take it. For example, monsters follow you or the nearest person, so if you run behind someone, the monsters will begin attacking them. Be sure to ask beforehand though. If they die, they will/should blame you because... Well, it was YOUR fault.

-Enchant for speed once you can get up to 5 enchants on your shoes. Speed helps you navigate a map much faster, it also helps you flee attacking mobs. That extra boost will help you survive. Speed is also the secret to having awesome PVP-skills, so it helps two ways. Physical evasion is nice, but it just doesn't do much until you can get 15~25% at the LEAST. It's only noticeable on yellow/yellowish green/green monsters as well...
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