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There isn't much incentive to get max scared wave since the boost is much less significant than say moon fog.

No doubt your dps potential will fare badly against any other classes , if that not what you've seen, that I guess you stage with the wrong people. That's why its more important for you to get the essential stuff , the offensive skills are secondary. I'll just comment on the basic stuff.

- Max your moon barrier.

Moon Barrier creates a person-sized shield in front of you that can stop most projectiles that end/explode on impact. A projectile atk, imo, is an atk from boss/mobs which disappear after they hit someone.

Common usage include :

Daru's firebolts , Lir purple ball, Rigel's 2xshockwave, CoC 2 luring the dark missile. Here a link on more info but may be outdated.


- Reduce Life Extension to 1 and Max Lightshield if possible.

The sheer amount of dmg myth mobs deal inflict sufficient determent to get LE max. Save your sp and leave it at 1 for fake res purposes.

Most people tends to leave LS at 2 or 3 though.

- Get 1 Prayer of healing and Self-Heal

Self-heal for canceling skill which are at times rare to see the difference to really use it. Prayer for fake res from a distant.

- Moon bind

To freeze mini boss . The 2nd and 6th storey of coc2, coc3 usually .

My advice would be don't be too atk minded sometimes. Last thing most people want to see is that they are killed but the healer is in 'JoG' animation :l . Whose fault is it is actually arguable but less drama brings more enjoyment.

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