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I started Lunia like 2 months ago and I still haven't reached Myth yet, cos I keep changing characters. However, I'm about to RB my Eir (nearly 70 and I'm sure I'll be going to Myth.

So I've read most of the relevant topics from the past two pages and I've read like a few of the guides and stuff but I still need some help with my build.

Lunia Skill Calculator(JP)
+ Max RB JoG

So a few questions.

Why don't people max Sacred Wave (I heard it doesn't cancel past level 1 but I don't think I'd mind that) and does it flinch in Myth?

I don't really like Tears of Goddess, but should I get it anyways? I feel like my DPS will suck regardless lol.

Holy Spirit max? I heard pentagram light is much better in Myth but I kinda like HS (it doesn't take forever to use), it flinches for JoG (apparently) and it's got a short cool down time.

RB PoS or normal PoS? Normal gives more MP but I wonder if I'll need the HP back from RB...?

RB Pieces! I love it or at least I think I will... Is it worth maxing? Does it flinch in Myth?

Normal Pieces worth getting? Are the mobs so spread out it'll disperse and do like nothing? Also I read that the monsters are so big it's kinda useless.

Life Extension, is it worth getting? Something about OHKOs in Myths make it seem pointless but I kinda like it.

Barrier, is it useful? It feels like it doesn't last long enough, monsters move through it and it's easier to dodge attacks than barrier it... Plus like every ranged attack I've tried it against (non-boss) goes through it... Haven't had to resort to using JoB heal yet.

Why do people get the curse removal skills? Is it necessary for Myths.

Light Shield... sounds terrible.

Moon Bind? Moonlight Chain? Self Heal (although I never need to cancel anything... Maybe it's just PvP)?

Any input would be nice. +rep to anyone who says anything useful, if you care about that.