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Default Is It Fair?

So, I have this really big group of asian friends, (although some of them aren't asian, but heck.. X3) and we go everywhere together. Each time we go there is at least 25-30+ of us; our whole group has half guys, half girls. We are really tight with each other and we basically love each other to death. What really pisses all the girls off now is that the lack of responsibility that the guys have in this group. They either never have money with them when we go out or never plan things properly. They usually talk the talk and never walk the talk. Us girls on the other hand, we pay for them if they don't have money. It really doesn't seem fair when we went out for like 4 hours yesterday and I spent $160 when it was not necessary because a few of the guys didn't have money and we subsidized for their amusement park ride passes, and dinner.

Now I understand that some of them have family problems, so they have a hard time paying for things, etc. But this is everyday, some of them are like living off us girl's money. I know they all work, we ALL work. Yet where in the world does their money go? Everytime they actually buy something, it is their parent's money, what about theirs?! I mean for one of the guy's birthday, 6 of us girls gave him a $110 gift card visa to use at this place called West Edmonton Mall. The guys said they would pay for the pizza at his house. In the end, when the pizza came, all the guys left leaving us girls to deal with it. We were like, uh, no we don't have money. The delivery guy was like now what. So my friend ends up Taking Money from his LITTLE sister to pay for the pizza.

First of all, I was like where is your own money, you shouldn't take money from an 9 year old. Secondly, where are all the guys that promised? It was so embarrassing. And we never heard from him whether he infact paid his sister back.

Worst part is, if we never help them pay for stuff, one of them didn't eat for two days because we didn't pay for him for two days! D: This is ridiculous, I know that we feel bad and we give in. We do not understand why he is like this and lastly, he works, where in the world does his money go.

Well this problem is only with like a few of them. The rest of the guys, when we have a party, they come to rape our food and leave a mess. D: It was fun, but they make sure they take everything lmao.

We love each other, just some financial problems that I think needs to be resolved. Us girls feel like we are like being their mothers.

Just like yesterday, there was 25 of us, 9 of us were girls, and the rest were the guys. They went to the amusement park, 5 of us girls ended up waiting at the dinner place over an hour because they said they wanted to go to Moxies, yet they didn't reserve... They can't fit all 25 of us, so we had to wait over an hour, they finally come after 40 minutes. By then we just gave up and said we will just have a table for 5. So when they got here, they were left to stand outside. I think that is a great way to payback for their rudeness. And the fact that 2 of them didn't have the money to go to the amusement park in the first place. Then the guys went to Boston Pizza by themselves without any remorse, and the 5 of us just left them.

One of my friends said that I should have returned the Diesel bag I bought for $126 for one of them's birthday next week and don't even bother giving him anything. All of them left when we were supposed to pitch in, and I ended up just buying the bag by myself. Now I'm rape poor. 8D

Does that seem fair at all?

Maybe we love each other, just not willing to spend some money, 8D.

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