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Omg that helps a ton! especially the ice wall tip on vertical usage. oh and by the way.... Gillan's set does not guarantee u to have 1k str... i know, i was rb, had gillan set and had +5 (fort, not dimly) to each piece and still didnt have over 1k str til i was 72 and even then needed guild pot +30 to each stat. im 74 full gillan and have a little over 1k str. dunno if they nerfed it or what but i definitely did not have 1k with full gillan set. dont suppose you have a good myth guide for eirs? i hate taking a healer into an area i dont know where ppl depending on me. thats why my main is never my favorite character XD i dont care if i screw em up as much but my healers are perfect as i can make em.