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Arad(You'll need a jNexon account)

If you live in the US or Singapore, you'll have to use a VPN/Proxy. Meaning, you won't be able to PvP, and partying'll be near impossible.

You don't really have to know any Japanese to play it(since it's really easy to know where you have to go for quests, since it shows on the map), but learning at least Katakana will help a lot(If you don't know, Katakana's usually used to write foreign words in Japanese. E.g. Puriisuto - Priest, Behiimosu - Behemoth, Abataa - Avatar, etc. It's not that hard to learn, and it's even easier since you'll constantly be exposed to it by playing the game). A lot the bosses/quests monsters/items are in Katakana, so knowing that will make it a lot easier to get around. It'll also let you know exactly what button to press to download the game.