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Originally Posted by Zegridathes
1. Do different skills from different classes provide different passives when combined or is the passive based on class-to-class?
The passives are based on the classes the skills belong to. Any two skills from the same class will yield the same passive. Any skills from class A with any skills from class B will yield the same passive of that combination.

An example:
class A + class A = passive I
class A + class B = passive II
class B + class B = passive III
class B + class C = passive IV
class C + class C = passive V
class A + class C = passive VI

And you cannot have 3 of the same passive. It's either 2 or 4 due to how they structure their passive table.

I have not seen any other different passive that can be yield from the same combination but with limited testing, I could be wrong.