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Originally Posted by Shadow5YA
As awesome as that would be, I highly doubt it since there hasn't been an announcement or notice yet.

But who knows? Maybe they'll go "LOL EMERGENCY MAINTENANCE" and do it anyway.
Maybe, and to answer elaborate on Buta's answer on to level cap change level req. for some dungeons to Skeigh's comment on the GBL Arad branch and etc. you can look it up on here: But I'll save time to say this: GBL Arad Branch is level 45+ to start (11 levels higher than current version of DFO).

Google Translate It's the DnF JP (Arad) Wiki.

I'll also say this too: Frozen and Ridge on Mount Thunderime is level 40+ to start (3 levels higher than our current version) Camp Bwanga is higher level req. than Ryku Point, and Aphelia Post's Shallow Keep is level 38+ to start (one level lower than our current version).

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