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Originally Posted by Zegridathes
The benefit of getting to 5 is maximum effect of passives in the skill chart.
Skills also change quite a bit from level 1 to level 5, in terms damage and area of effect. In fact, some skills are quite useless if left at level 1, like Swordman's spirit swords(1 sword is a waste of skill slot) and Summoner's arcane blades(low levels allow bullets to pass through).

Originally Posted by Zegridathes
On to some questions:

1. Do different skills from different classes provide different passives when combined or is the passive based on class-to-class?
Passives are not limited to only using skills of the same class.

Originally Posted by Zegridathes
2. Is it possible/advisable to max out all the skills in one class before switching to another? Can you get by maxing out one skill in a class for the skill tree effect (provided they don't offer different effects) and leaving other useful skills at less than five?
Some passives do stack, so you might want to get more skills from the same class just for them, but other than that, choose the skills you max wisely. Try out the other classes, or ask around to see what the skills do/the difference between level 1 and level 5.

And you might want to level the skills you use/like the most first for expertise purposes.

Originally Posted by Zegridathes
3. If you switch from one class to another, can you switch back/can you level skills for previous classes if you have already obtained them?
You can switch classes whenever you want(or once per level?), as long as you have the gran for it. Note that you can only level skills in your current class, if you wish to get the skills from previous classes, you will have to switch back to them.

Originally Posted by Zegridathes
4. Having not tried changing classes yet, what does the benefit of being the same class as the skills you use actually amount to, in practice?
An extra +100 expertise for the skills on top of your normal ones.